Announcing: The Gentle Issue

Coming in early June, get ready for The Gentle Issue. Get calmly ready. No need to clap or stamp your feet. Just take a minute and envision it. Inhale and picture the email arriving in your inbox. Exhale and imagine opening the issue in your browser. The issue is soft, and the games are welcoming.

The Gentle Issue goes slowly and is full of self-compassion. The Gentle Issue takes breaks. The Gentle Issue knows when enough is enough and that it can’t do everything. The Gentle Issue forgives.

The issue will have three games (but if only two make it in, that’s OK, too, the issue would say) and will probably use the webcam in some way. I’m pretty excited about the pieces – they’ve been brewing in my mind for a while, and it’s time to let them breathe.

And if you’ve been playing (or making!) any gentle games, I’d love to see them. Let me know in the comments or on twitter, please!