Helpful Visualizations

After an experience on a cruise ship as a teenager, I was very skeptical of hypnosis. But then last year, I started seeing a hypnotist to help with my chronic headaches, and she really helped me. I recorded one of our sessions together, and for a long time, lying down and playing that calming recording was my first line of defense against a budding headache. I was shocked at how often what I had previously thought was “definitely going to turn into a full-blown awful headache” would dissipate with simply some focused rest. That I had a tool in my bag besides pills was honestly a revelation.

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Anna’s Not Dead

And neither is my computer! Woo-hoo! Isn’t that great? I thought they were definitely both going to die, but then they didn’t. I’m so relieved. Aren’t you?

OK, let’s back up a minute and answer some questions first.

1) Why was my computer going to die? Because I like to stay hydrated that’s why and last week I spilled an entire Nalgene that’s constantly by my side right onto my laptop. It was disastrous and hilarious (in a disastrous sort of way).

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Gently Bummed

Well shit. Last night, the Washington Wizards lost the second game of their best-of-seven playoff series against the Boston Celtics. The Wizards are my favorite team, and now it’s looking like their season is going to end soon. It was a bummer. They had an open shot at the buzzer to win it, but they missed it, and they lost. Waaah. Booo. I was sad.

And this morning, I woke up upset with myself. I was upset that I was bummed. Why was my mood so affected by something that feels juvenile and silly and inconsequential and creates tension in my house? By something that I have absolutely no control over?

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Crystal Coworking

Quick little tip for all my fellow coffee shop, shared-desk, or kitchen-table-coworking colleagues. If, like me, you don’t have an office or desk to call your own, it can be a little disorienting and discomforting to unpack and re-pack all your stuff at the beginning and end of each work day. It’s hard for me to feel like wherever I’m working is truly “mine,” and that can make it hard to get into a groove.

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Working Gently

It’s easy to dream up grand, gigantic plans for Wide Open Games. I tell myself it would be great to make 4 polished and playful games, 3 heart-melting essays, 2 eye-opening poems, and 1 down-to-earth podcast for each issue. I tell myself that’s what would get people to subscribe and make Wide Open Games a success. I tell myself that this vision is achievable and necessary.

In reality, I’m setting myself up for failure with unrealistic expectations.

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