Two Things at a Time

Two big things:

1) I am getting married exactly ONE MONTH from today.

2) I am releasing the second issue of Wide Open Games next Tuesday.

These are both amazing and exciting and big signs of growth in my life. I’m feeling proud and strong about them. And it’s also the easiest thing in the world to feel completely overwhelmed by either of them!

For the wedding, we are definitely in the thick of planning. We’re in really good shape, but we’ve still got a healthy to-do list that needs some management. Ignoring it just leads to stress and mess in my relationship with T when we’re trying to focus on coming together and feeling connected as best we can before we stand under the chuppah. So the emails and decisions and details definitely need attention.

Then there’s all that goes into Wide Open Games. I sometimes feel like I need to be three people at the same time: someone to write the words and make the games, someone to build the website and handle the business back-end, and someone to email press outlets and tweet and post to Facebook (and Instagram, and tumblr, and Pinterest, and…) I’m learning how to balance and manage my time between these tasks, and proud that I’m still on track and planning to release my second issue (The Imperfection Issue) this coming Tuesday.

Yesterday I had a good talk with a friend who reminded me to let those two things be enough. Whatever I’m doing in those areas, let it be enough. Don’t make any big changes. Of course, there is a whole universe outside of these two areas of my singular life, and a lot I want to do in that universe! But for me, for right now, I have to be OK with a little paring down.

Right now, these two things are what’s going on with me.

I’m not at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. I’m not changing the total concept of Wide Open Games. I’m not starting a backyard chavurah minyan. I’m not going to volunteer training for community organizing. I’m not deciding where or when to move. I’m not tweeting or posting daily updates on Instagram.

I’m making my wedding, my website, and my games. And that’s enough. Dayenu.