More thoughts on Everyday Headspace

Okay! So I may have rushed my post from yesterday a little bit. Those are still good questions to ask as designers, but after a little more reflection and conversation, I think there was a little something else going on in my judgment of the new Everyday Headspace feature.

Mainly, I was jealous. Headspace is obviously a huge business. I’m just beginning to start out, and that size and presence and seeming success is definitely intimidating to me. So I wanted to poke holes.

Yes, it is a tricky line to walk between drawing customers in to the app and creating a healthy environment. And Headspace knows that. I think my jealousy didn’t allow me to see how Headspace Everyday could actually be a positive thing for many people.

If you’re having a hard time sticking with your practice, it may be just the easy, simple introduction you need. If you’re not looking to sit for 15 minutes today, and you’ve done the 1-minute single three times in the past two weeks, maybe you want something a little novel. Headspace Everyday could be perfect for that. In those scenarios, it’s definitely there for you when you need it in a non-pushy sort of way, and that’s great.

For me, I love my packs. I’m on my third time through the Pain Management pack, and I may just repeat it forever and ever until I die, amen. That the daily meditation is on my home screen does feel a little bit like a to-do item I didn’t sign up for, and a single “X” button to remove it would solve that problem in a single tap. Maybe it could move to its own area in the Singles tab after doing so?

The point is, there are lots of potential solutions to this minor issue in what is potentially a big help to many people. That I was jealous (and relatedly fearful of my own business’ failure) made the molehill into a mountain in my mind.