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Like Zenia, it was incredibly difficult for me finally release this project into the wild. I have this perfect image in my mind for Wide Open Games, and it’s so hard for me to let go. But of course a stranglehold is… well… strangling. It’s too tight! We need air to breathe in and dance through. So again, here’s a start. And here (as I raise my imaginary glass and) is to many more starts, and to The Imperfection Issue coming in early March, and to all of you amazing readers and friends for your support and encouragement.

And here is an invitation and a challenge. Head on over to to help create something beautiful. There’s more details over there, but I’m daring you to join with other friends of Wide Open Games and start a new creation in honor of The Start Issue.

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Thank you again so much for being a part of Wide Open Games. Until next time, take care of yourself. You deserve it.