Wide Open Games

Playfully exploring personal growth and mindfulness one small game at a time.

Created by Sam Potasznik

Wide Open Games believes in you.

Hey, we know it's hard out there. The world is large, and life moves too fast. But we can also choose to make our world as small as half a grain of sand if we want.

We have the power to slow down. We can focus. We can become courageous. We can change. Wide Open Games is an invitation to do just that - one playful digital reminder at a time.

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Wide Open Games is made with love.

In a digital world that's endlessly scrolling and constantly flashing notifications, it's easy to get distracted from what's really going on inside of us.

Wide Open Games is a digital antidote to this chaos. The interactive pieces are made with intention and care by a small team and based on personal experience. They're designed to tune you into your life, not distract you from it. So take a deep breath in, and check them out for yourself.

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