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How often have you finished a YouTube video and realized your face is six inches from your laptop screen, shoulders hunched up to your ears, nose and eyes scrunched tight together? I will gladly raise my hand as the first guilty party.

Luckily, gentleness and ease are things we can bring to our physical selves. And when we ease our bodies, our minds follow. Even a forced smile can decrease stress. You don’t need an expensive massage or four hours in a sensory deprivation tank to bring yourself some looseness. Some unscrunching.

Play “A Cloud Weighs A Million Pounds” and picture the gentleness running through your fingers and onto your aching forehead. Picture it seeping through your skin and soothing your bones from your skull to your tibias.

Play through it here first, and then replay it in your mind whenever you need to. Gentleness is everywhere.