Imagine spending all day hanging out with someone who constantly tells you that you’re shit and everything you do is shit. Someone who’s never satisfied with you no matter how hard you try, and is thrown into a fit at the slightest disappointment. Imagine how hanging around such a colossal bummer of a person would affect your mood, your relationships, your work, and even your health.

Without gentleness, that’s the kind of friend we’re being to ourselves.

Gentleness is compassion for ourselves - for our faults, our limits, and our fuck ups. It’s turning that voice inside of our head from “You’re not good enough,” to “It is all OK.” Gentleness is not pushing through the pain, and gentleness is remembering to smile even 10% more throughout the day.

The three pieces inside this issue each look at bringing ease into a different aspect of our lives. “A Cloud Weighs a Million Pounds” brings softness to our bodies because our bodies cue our minds. “Francesca Saves the Day” explores acting and working slowly to go faster in the long run. And lastly, “Get Up Slow” goes inside our thoughts and how to be more loving with our self-talk so we can truly rise after falling.

Enjoy, and play softly.