Quick Tips to Prime Your Body for Forgiveness

This morning I drew up a game idea to help practice forgiving yourself by relaxing your body. There are definitely ways to calm your mind by calming your body, and here are a few simple ones to get started.

A lot of these ideas are geared towards generating a feeling of spaciousness. Feeling bad can make us feel small and clenched so “WHOOPS!” and these simple acts help us feel wide and bigger than our mistakes. Because you are more than your missteps.

  • Clench your hand into a fist, bring it away from your body, and then slowly release it
  • Shrug your shoulders
  • Touch your lips gently with your fingers
  • Place your hand over your heart
  • Roll your shoulder blades all the way low onto your back
  • Lift your eyes to something high up in your field of view
  • Turn your arms so your palms face forward
  • Place your hands behind your head and lean back
  • Breathe slowly & deeply three times (count to four on your inhale, and four on your exhale)

So if you’re feeling cramped, overwhelmed, stressed, or just down on yourself, try these simple postures for just a few seconds and then see if you’re more ready to forgive and move on.