11 Reasons Why I love “Orbits”

I released Orbits last week as part of The Friends Issue, and I love it. You should probably stop reading this blog post and just go play it instead, but since you’re here, let me tell you some reasons why I love Orbits so much.

Cartoon stars spinning around a cartoon planet

  • No instructions necessary! The title screen serves as a perfect tutorial.
  • There’s enough hidden gameplay to make it replayable. On some of my games, I feel like you play through them once and you’ve got it. With Orbits, it’ll probably take a few times to plumb all the depths, and I love that.
  • My senior of college, for my and a friend’s birthday, we went to a gong bath at a nearby Zen center. I had no idea what a gong bath was, and it was exciting. We had to drive off-campus! Rare! I loved it. I slept through the entire thing. Orbits reminds me of that.
  • The depth effect in the star-field. It was a total last-minute addition, and it worked out great.
  • The color of your planet is one of my favorite colors by itself, and I especially love how it looks against the background.
  • Even with no “goal” or score, the ending feels satisfying.
  • Some of the color scheme is completely randomized each time, yet it still feels cohesive.
  • There’s more sound design in Orbits than in probably any other game for Wide Open Games so far. It feels like growth for me in that respect.
  • Orbits isn’t too long, and it isn’t too short, either.
  • The game says what I want it to say.
  • The game has no words.
  • Orbits is relaxing to play.

So that’s why I love Orbits. Give it a go yourself and let me know what you think of it!