Welcome to a celebration of the cracks, blemishes, and faults within our games and within ourselves.

It’s impossible to go through life without messing up. I fight against it as hard as I can, but I still send emails that are missing important questions and forget the frozen pineapple at the grocery store. It’s scary, and I try my best to get things right. It’s scary because of the fear that an ugly end product means that I am ugly. That I am broken. That I am imperfect.

And we are all of these things. We are faulty, flawed, disfigured, disappointing, defective, cracked, crushed, and collapsed. We are also strong, wide, whole, and human. We are all imperfect.

We can choose to hide our imperfections away in our guts or cover them up with polish and concealer until they’re invisible. Or we can let our light shine through our cracks. We can flaunt and celebrate and share our imperfection with each other. We can use it to connect.

What follows are buggy games and half-baked words. Play and read them as perfectly or imperfectly as you wish.