Writing a “depressing” game

Right after the election, I found comfort in Maggie Smith’s “Good Bones.” I find it beautiful and inspiring. The world is a terrible, messed up, fucked up place. And it’s also beautiful. And even more importantly, you get to decide how you live in it. You can make it beautiful. I shared this poem in a group chat with friends as a pick me up. My friend said he found it depressing.

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Working Gently

It’s easy to dream up grand, gigantic plans for Wide Open Games. I tell myself it would be great to make 4 polished and playful games, 3 heart-melting essays, 2 eye-opening poems, and 1 down-to-earth podcast for each issue. I tell myself that’s what would get people to subscribe and make Wide Open Games a success. I tell myself that this vision is achievable and necessary.

In reality, I’m setting myself up for failure with unrealistic expectations.

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