Inching Along

🚨🚨 Announcing! A new game! 🚨🚨


This is a game about gratitude for good friends. About some folks who came and lightened my load when things were really heavy. They came in 12 hour car trips, and planes from New York, and in care packages from I don’t even know where, and this piece is saying thank you.

And what better way to say it than with inch worms? 

It’s part of the upcoming Friends Issue, and you can look for it this coming April. If you want to say thank you to some friends yourself, maybe this is the inch-sized push you need.

Writing a “depressing” game

Right after the election, I found comfort in Maggie Smith’s “Good Bones.” I find it beautiful and inspiring. The world is a terrible, messed up, fucked up place. And it’s also beautiful. And even more importantly, you get to decide how you live in it. You can make it beautiful. I shared this poem in a group chat with friends as a pick me up. My friend said he found it depressing.

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