About Me

Hi. My name is Sam Potasznik, and I run Wide Open Games.

Growing up, I was into math and logic and facts. I majored in computer science in college, and afterwards I made educational science video games for kids. I was really in touch with my brain and with thinking my way through problems. I was not so in touch with the rest of my body. I got a lot of headaches.

I started Wide Open Games to get to know myself better. I wanted to know my heart, and I was tired of the pain from over-thinking and over-stressing.

So I started writing. I wrote about what was going on inside of myself and turned that into games. My perfectionism, my gratitude, my fear of change - it all came out as Wide Open Games.

Of course, I still struggle because I’m human and that’s what we do. But I’m working on it. I still get headaches, but I relate to them differently. I’m almost 30 years old, I live in Austin, TX, and I drink a lot of green smoothies. I love books.

I know change is possible, and I’m trying my best every day.