About Me

Hi! My name is Sam Potasznik. Like you, I’m many things, but mainly with Wide Open Games I am someone trying to get to know his heart and his gut.

Growing up, I was into math and logic and facts. I majored in computer science in college, and afterwards I worked for a while making educational science videogames for kids. I was really in touch with my brain and with thinking my way through problems, and not so in touch with the rest of my body and feeling emotions.

Wide Open Games is me getting to know myself better. If it helps you to know some FACTS about me, I’m almost 30 years old, I live in Austin, TX, and I had a pet lizard from when I was 9 years old until I was 26. I get headaches sometimes and am working on separating pain from suffering. I’m Jewish, I grew up going to socialist summer camp, and I love my mint-green phone case.


So what exactly is Wide Open Games?

Wide Open Games is an online interactive magazine. Like most magazines (or “This American Life”, for example), W.O.G. is divided into distinct issues, and each issue focuses on a specific theme. The difference is that instead of arriving in your physical mailbox in paper form, every new issue of W.O.G. is posted online, and a link to the new issue is emailed to you as soon as it’s up.

How do I access Wide Open Games?

All of the issues for Wide Open Games are behind a paywall. When you buy a subscription to Wide Open Games, you become a member of the site, and you can then login to play and read through all of the issues.

Can I buy a single issue only?

Yes! When you sign up for W.O.G. you have the option to purchase a yearly subscription as well as access to a single issue. Access for a specific issue of the magazine costs $4 and never expires. A yearly subscription costs $28/year.

How often does a new issue come out?

There will be eight issues of Wide Open Games released every year. (So for those keeping score at home, a yearly subscription effectively nets you one free issue each year.) That works out to one issue about every six weeks.

How do I know when a new issue comes out?

Check your email! You’ll be sent a link to the new issue as soon as it comes out. If you really want to build up your anticipation, follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or tumblr.

Can I play it on my wireless enabled mobile device?

Maybe! The games are simply too big and detailed to run well on phones, but on the latest iPads and tables they should run pretty well. You’ll definitely be able to read the articles, at least, on all devices!

I have another question!

Great! Send me an email, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I love getting emails!